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I just got a pap smere and the doctor said

Patient: I just got a pap smere and the doctor said their was liquid and bubbles up there. What does this mean? Do I have some type of infection or cancer?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A pap smear is a preliminary screening test to detect cervical cancer. It can be cate gorised into normal and abnormal pap smear.An abnormal report can be due to n infection of the cervix or cancer cervix on CIN or even invasive cancer.A finding of bubbles and liquid up there is a vague statement and does not imply anything.It is not right to term it as cancer as well. Kindly ask for a printed copy of the report of the pap smear and write back to us to help you better.Hope this was helpful.Regards



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Patient: I am still waiting on my results. The doctor said it was a clear water like fluid with clear bubbles in my vagina/ cervix. I took a bath before my pap smere. I previously stopped taking baths because I felt as if water would get stuck in my vagina. After taking a bath at random times during the day water would come flowing out of my vagina making me feel wet down there.

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
The nature of the discharge or water with bubbles is quite not a part of the pap smear outcome. Wait till the results are out to infer whay the problem is.
Kindly do not hesitate to let us know what the report says.
Hope this helped.


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