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I just got back a result that showed positive for

Patient: I just got back a result that showed positive for HSV 2. No HSV 1. The rating was 5.30 whichI think is real high. I have had no symptoms of any kind. I am 61 years old. I have hadsome multiple partners the past few years. Never been tested for this since I wasin my 20’s. Does the 5.30 level confirm 100% that I am positive. Should I take one more test or something now or down the road a little to confirm the level. I read the some readings around 3.0 are low enough it might bea false positive. With no symptoms should I be taking any medication or wait for anoutbreak before seeking any medication.



Symptoms: No Symptoms of any kind



Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryI understand you are concerned about your positive blood tests but in order to help you I need a few more details1. Can you please confirm whether the test results are hsv pcr or antibodies2. Did you have any genital herpes like lesions in the past?3. Did you have any unsafe sex with a new partner ?Please get back to me , I am awaiting your replyRegards

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Patient: Here is what was on the result. HSV 2 IgG, Type Spec 5.30 HIGH 0.00-0.90 index
No previous leisons or herpes, Yes have had some unsafe sex partners recently

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back with the results.
Raised HSV 2 IgG does not indicate an ongoing infection. IgG is usually raised when one has had an infection in the past.
Let me explain it in other words
When one develops any infection IgM levels rise, this is the first body defense against the organism/virus. After the infection settles IgG titres rise, IgG is also known as memory cells. So raised IgG means that you have had an HSV 2 infection in the past but currently you do not have an ongoing infection
I hope I was of help, if you need further clarification please get back to me


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