I just got meds for a uti about 3 days

Patient: I just got meds for a uti about 3 days ago. you take two pills a day for about a week and im about to go on my fourth day. one medication was for the pain on the first day and it changes the color of things and it often resembles blood, but that should be out of my system by now and i actually think im bleeding. but its not time for my period and its not like a period. What does it mean when uti meds cause bleeding?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually, medicines used for urinary tract infections may no t lead to bleeding but urinary tract infection itself by damaging the lining mucosa can lead to bleeding.So, to come to one conclusion, please consult your doctor and get examined. This will help in ruling out bleeding from vagina.Then you can go for urine microscopy and ultrasound, these will help in finding out the possibility of bleeding from urinary tract and treatment can be planned accordingly.Take care