I just got over a cold and clear watery liquid sometimes.

Patient: I just got over a cold and clear watery liquid sometimes just falls out of my nose when I lean over or lay a certain way. Is this something to worry about?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Generally due to cold, there is a condition called rhinitis, which produces dribbling of mucus, which is at times watery for many days. It will settle down in a while or can even aggravate to sinusitis and an upper respiratory tract infection. Most of the times, it is an allergic cold, which tends to recur on exposure to the allergen like dust, pet hair, fumes, pollen, cold weather. Allergens should be identified and avoided as much a spossible.Viral cold can stay for longer. Try steam inhalations, add a drop of eucalyptus oil to it and take steam, this provides relief. In case the dripping continues, see an ENT therapist, to rule out CSF rhinorrhea.Hope this helped.Regards