I just had a medical abortion last night at 5

Patient: I just had a medical abortion last night at 5 weeks pregnant. I barely experienced any cramping and barely any bleeding or clots. I only bleed when I use the bathroom but besides that, I have no bleeding. I have always had a very light period and I know I was very early in my pregnancy. Could this be the reason as to why I barely have any cramping and bleeding or is it possible that the abortion did not work?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is no hard and fast rule that one has to always experience cramps and heavy bleed ing for a medical termination of pregnancy. It can happen even without it since the pregnancy is an early pregnancy and the abortion can be quite successful.However , irrespective of experiencing the cramps or heavy bleeding, you must always follow it up with your treating gynecologist and get a check scan or ultrasound done to ensure that there are no products of conception left behind and the abortion is complete.You need not worry about anything now. Kindly see the doctor for a scan.Hope this helped.Regards