I just had a period, and have negative pregnancy test. Can I still be pregnant?

Patient: Is it possible to conceive 5 days before your period, get your period, and have implantation occur after period? I have been having multiple pregnancy symptoms immediately following my most recent cycle, started on April 13, but 6 HPTs have come back negative. Am I testing too soon? My next period isn’t expected until May 11.

Symptoms: moody, gassy, bloated, exhaustion, cramping, very slight nausea, increased vaginal discharge, lower back pain, elevated body temp, breast tenderness, swollen vulva, headache, dull pain under ribs, vivid dreams, increased urination, extreme hunger

Doctor: In any menstrual cycle ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to the next cycle. So what you are suggesting is almost impossible . If your next cycle is expected around 11 May then you will necessarily have to wait till you miss your periods before you can test for pregnancy.