I just had a really weird sensation in my neck/throat

Patient: I just had a really weird sensation in my neck/throat. In nearly ten years with asthma, I’ve never experienced this. It felt like something was pushing from the inside, like the part near my “Adams apple” was expanding and then it froze for twenty seconds or so. It was really painful and my muscles still hurt. I hadn’t been coughing but I am now (maybe ten minutes later). It freaked me out and it was incredibly painful. I’m 29 years old, female, and I’ve had a cold all week. On top of pollen this has caused my asthma to flare up tremendously. Sleep interruptions, trouble laying down, lots of coughing, a little wheezing, shortness of breath. Please help.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of asthma and now a weird sensation like something was pushing from in side like the part near the Adam’s apple and then freezing with too much of a pain which continued and started to cough after 10 minutes.You had cold all the week, asthma got flared up, there are sleep interruptions and so on.The most probable cause of such an incidence is the spasm of the muscles of the laryngeal apparatus with an attendant sequel as you had.I would advise you to take a painkiller which is allowed in asthma patient, oral steroids if required, antibiotic change as needed, bed-rest.I hope this answers your query and helps you.