I just had California rolls and allergic to crab meat

Patient: HiI just ate California roll, I have a childhood memory of allergies to crab that covered my face, nothing dangerous, just had 19 California rolls an 1:30 ago, don’t know if it will get worse “biphasic anaphylaxis”, or should I get prepared for something?

Symptoms: symptoms are an itchy half a nick with 100 red mosquito like bumps

Doctor: Allergy to crab is one of the most common food allergies seen in adults and that usually stays for life. People who are allergic, may initially experience a tingling sensation in the mouth after eating crab which may further develop into a much severe systemic reaction leading to Angioedema (excessive swelling of the lips, mouth or throat). This can be life threatening in some cases (anaphylaxis), if prompt medical therapy is not instituted. You are advised to seek immediate medical help in an Emergency Room to avert such a possibility. Later, you may consult an Allergy specialist to confirm crab allergy and to identify other possible causes of your allergy.