I just had sex for the first time Friday, we used a condom with a special lubrication.

Patient: I just had sex for the first time friday we used a condom with special lubrication for a while and he took it off and we continued to have intercourse then ended up putting another condom on and continuing until finished and for the past couple of days i been having uncomfortable cramping like below my stomach and my stomach feels weird and I havnt been feeling hungry but when I do eat I eat alot and I get thirsty alot, im scared im pregnant or something

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms that you attribute to pregnancy are too early, it generally takes 2 weeks af ter intercourse for such symptoms to develop in case of a pregnancy. Do not worry about now.Though there are chances of failure of the condom, you may wait until your next cycle, in case you miss the cycle, do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy and consult the doctor accordingly. The symptoms could be due to stress. Drink lots of water daily.Hope this helped.Regards,