I just hit the back of my head fairly hard

Patient: I just hit the back of my head fairly hard against the edge of my night table. There’s a bump and the area I hit hurts, but there’s no blood and no headache besides that. I’m not dizzy or nauseated, my balance doesn’t seem to be affected (I tried walking in a straight line), etc. I do feel a tiny bit dazed, but not to the point of it making me sleepy/confused or affecting my vision. Still, I know head injuries can be more series than they might seem. My plan is to wait it out tonight and, if I have any worrying symptoms tomorrow, to head to an urgent care clinic. Does this sound right?

Symptoms: Pain, swelling, very slight dazed feeling associated with hit to back of head

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.If the injury was very hard, then you need to see a Doctor as soon as possible. If it wa s not so severe and you did not lose your consciousness, then you can take it easy. See a Doctor if you develop any symptom that you cannot understand. All the best.Hope this helps you.