I just recently did cervical traction about an hour ago

Patient: I just recently did cervical traction about an hour ago. I think my head moved accidentally and I heard a little pop in one of the upper cervical veterbaes. I feel light headed and a little dizzy. Should I be concerned. I have no pain with anything just feel dizzy.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It would be ideal if you consult your doctor immediately for an examination as the sy mptoms you have are quite significant. We need to rule out any dislocation or traumatic complications like bleeding and dislocation as well.The doctor will examine and guide you further accordingly.Meanwhile minimise your activities and avoid physical exertion until you see the doctor.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: So it seems like you are worried about the possibility of bleeding into the brain. Should I go to the ER immediately?

Doctor: Hello,
Any dislocation or a dizzy feeling after a cervical traction can mean low blood pressure or hypotension. It can also indicate a sudden haemorrhage.
Hence, it is advisable to see a doctor or visit the ER immediately. Better be safe than not to.