I just turned 40 and i’m having problem keeping an erection.

Patient: I just turned 40 and i’m having problem keeping an erection I didn’t used to have this problem it gets up but not as hard as it used to be like I have no feeling in the head area an I keep getting head ache if that matters

Symptoms: Poor erection, head aches I stay hungry and I only weight 140 taking no medication haven’t been to a doctor in forever I work grave yard shift 11 to 7 if that matters

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.A good sustained strong erection is a result of a lot of physical parameters some basic being a good sleep, a good diet as well as a good psychological state.Although you’re relatively young, some people post 40, do complain of loss of erections, mostly age related and because of underlying disorders such as hypertension or T2DM.I will request you to get a CBC, RBS and get your BP checked and follow up with me. If possible try to eat a healthy adequate diet with a lot of green vegetables and lean meat as well try to get some good sleep. All this matters while improving erection.Feel free to discuss further.