I just want to no if you think i might be pregnant.

Patient: I am20 years old and on the pill (Normian 1) and taking Champix to help me quit smoking. I am NOT trying to have a baby. I am 9 days late for my period, and im never late. I feel shit, bit sick(Not nausea), more tired than normal, and heavy. I am scared and don’t know what it is. I have taken to pregnancy tests ‘NEGATIVE’. My mother fell pregnant when she was on the pill and it worries me that it will happen to me. What do you think?

Symptoms: Cramps, More tired than normal, feel heavier than normal, sick (not nausea)

Doctor: Hello,If you were on oc pills and also champix for antismoking measure, then it is to be understood that it can reduc e the efficacy of the birth control and make it less effective. If you have missed your periods by 9 days and your pregnancy test is negative now then it is for sure that you are not pregnant.The symptoms you are experiencing, are that of premenstrual syndrome which may mimic early pregnancy symptoms and indicate that your menses are to ensure in few days.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards