I just wont to ask miscarriage reasons,,,,

Patient: Dear,i am sahrish shafiq having 2 miscarriages within 8 months after my marriage…..i got married at 14 dec 2013 and menstrual cycle was started at 28 dec 2013 very first tym after marriage….nxt month i come to know about my first tym pregnancy aftr lab tst. then i make my first visit to gynea dctor who told me aftr scan “u are pregnant and hving complet normal pregnancy and also u don’t have any precautions regarding long travel and intercource”.she suggested folic acid and vc-calciam..expctd due date 04-10-2014.during third month i feel some kind of white thick fluid with blood mix,then i again visit to dctr and asked my condition she said “u hve blood rveald but ryt nw there is no effect behind nw u startd fefol cap and duphaston tabs bcz ur baby growing well and abt to start formation of legs and head at 03-04-2014…..bt unfortunatly, at 15-04-2014 wen i wokup at mrnig at 7’0 clock am then i feel som kind of water on my bed after 5 min bleeding is also strtd bt it wsnt heavy flow…we goto dctr dn she told “ur baby hve no movemnt and heart beat also absent…so u hve to abort with artificial pain by inducind pain killer….after smtym i lost my baby with nrmal delivry and placnta was nt out so i hve to undergo by D&C….all these hapnd till 16-04-2014.exact aftr 40 days of miscrg, i got concivd again….AND that tym my expctd due date was 01-03-2015..evrytng is fine bt aftr 2 months bleeding startd,dn dctr suggestd me folic acid,duphston tabs and ivf-c 1/4 weekly inj till bleeding stopage,she told me fetus is fine ryt nw bt growth is 7 wks instead of 9 wks according to USG, and also after knowing ur previous histor of first miscrg i just want to recommended u cervix stitches bcz ur cervix is incompetent but it can be done wen i sure abt ur pregnancy is healthy and fetus is growing well aftr bleeding stop….meanwhile i feel thick bleeding with clots…..bt dctr said growth is 8.5 wks instead of 11 wks…i ws contented to know all these bt aftr som hors ntrl pain ws strtd wd heavy flow of blood and large size of clots,dn we visit to dctr she told abt incmplet miscarriage and fetus was half out and half was inside the cervix.so once again i suffered unxplainable grief…..nw i just won to know why these happened?where we done wrong?hw can we preventd frm ths loss nxt tym????????????/plz tell me?just waana to knw abt thisi just wont to know is there any need of some medical treatment for both of us(husband nd wife)….??????what kind of precautions we have to follow right now???i have to use any medicines for healthy pregnancy and avoid miscarriage?how long we must be avoided to conceive nxt tym?at that time,i just admitted that my second pregnancy may be due to abnormal chromosomes makup,,bt at the time of my first pregnancy,miscarriage was done due to sudden water bag burst,,wat cab be the reason of this water wastage?how can i avoid nxt time from this prob?and also how can i know either is there any need to stitch cervix or not??????at both tyms dctrs don tell me any rzn,,,im feeling cruisty to knw y ths hapnd????Best regards,sehrish shafiqislamabd, pakistan0306684847703361584454