I losing weight sometimes i am having frequent bowel movemen

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Patient: I losing weight sometimes i am having frequent bowel movements with symptoms similar to ibs , I had colonoscopy done they found no infections and blood work came back fine. I was told that I have Diverticulitis. what else can I do.. do I need upper gi.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for posting your query at ATD.Diverticulitis is largely restricted to large intestine , therefore upper GI evaluation won’t be required in your case.Diverticulosis is the condition of multiple diverculi and when inflamed usually due to infection it is diverticulitis. No antibiotics are required in case of minor/ no infection. Antibiotics & surgery are reserved for severe cases and complications arising from it. Currently you should take high fibre diet include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. Drink plenty of water to ensure smooth bowel movement. As the condition is asymptomatic no treatment is not required.I hope the query is answered to your satisfaction.If there are any more doubts, please feel free to write to us.Regards

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Patient: ok what about the weight loss and ibs symptoms

Doctor: Diverticulosis has similar profile to IBS so the above dietary changes mentioned in my answer along with regular exercise are to tackle symptoms similar to IBS and decrease formation of new diverticulae.
Consult with a dietician for a detailed diet plan with amount and types of food to be consumed for whole day according to your food habits.
Thank you for posting your query at ATD.

Patient: Thank you
You helped me out alot

Doctor: You’re welcome.
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