I lost my virginity and my vagina ripped It continued

Patient: I lost my virginity and my vagina ripped. It continued to bleed for about 5 days. But about a day after it stopped bleeding it started to burn and itch really bad. It looked like there were sores on my labia but they went away. But now I Have a hole on my clitellum and it burns and itches sometimes, especially when I bathe. I also have a little hole/slit above the vagina hole but below the clit. Then I also have these identical holes/slits on each labia and they are on the crease of my labia and vagina. the bottom of my vagina hole also burns and sometimes has very light blood. It itches bad. It stopped itching and burning shortly before my period but ive noticed when my period ended it started to burn and itch again. I went to the OBGYN and I’ve been tested for STD’s and yeast infection and all test came back negative. I just really want these holes and itch and burning to go away so I can feel comfortable again and be able to have a normal sex life.

Symptoms: Burning, itching, Cuts/holes

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,The fact that you had sex for the first time and there were vaginal and labial abrasions and lacerations which had bled during the first day and then they were under the process of healing. Healing per se can cause itching but if you land up scratching it, it again becomes freshened and healing is delayed. As any form of STD or a possible yeast infection has been ruled out these lesions ideally should heal in next one week. You may apply vaseline or petroleum jelly locally over labia and even over clitoral hood to soothe the itch and prevent any form of frictional injury to the region. Wear loose cotton undergarments for a week and avoid intercourse till lesions are naturally healed completely.Regards