I m a 26 year old bi maleI did something

Patient: I m a 26 year old bi male.I did something stupid last week.met a guy online n had sex.i was top.i fucked him but we used protection.in d meantime condom broke.i heard a sound and immediately pulled out(within 3-4 sec).afterwards I used a new condom n fucked him.he rimmed me later too n gave me blowjob(without condom).as it was getting late n he too had other plans i masturbated in d washroom at last n we parted.now i am having anxity about that condom tear n receving blowjob from him without a condom.i don’t know his h.i.v status.never asked as it was a one time thing and i was using protection.n recently i read online that HIV can be transmitted via blowjob too.i am anxiety level is so high i cant concentrate on anything.please advice.i was also considering of taking PEP.i don’t know what to do as i have to wait till window period gets over to take a test.just want to know how much risk i put myself in.