I masturbated onto toilet seat, chances of pregnancy?

Patient: I probably seem stupid, but I masturbated and a little bit was left on the front of the seat mixed with hand lotion. My eleven year old sister came in about ten minutes after me. I’m fairly certain she wiped it off, but even if she didn’t is there any chance the sperm could have touched her and impregnated her?

Symptoms: Masturbation

Doctor: Seminal fluid carrying live spermatozoa entering the birth canal may possibly migrate to the womb and may cause pregnanc y; but from the kind of scenario described by you, it is difficult to speculate whether any actual entry of seminal fluid has occurred at all!Moreover, it is important to know whether your sister has attained menarche, that is the beginning of one’s reproductive life. Please visit a healthcare provider with these information and seek advice specific to your circumstances.