I max out at 50 on bench press I was

Patient: I max out at 50 on bench press. I was lifting a small bar that weighed 10-20 pounds up and down 100 times and i felt dizzy but I kept going until i reached 100. Then afterward I got completely dizzy and felt pressure in my head. Now the dizziness has subsided but I now have pressure on my temples. I have eaten dinner and that didn’t help. I have anxiety and am scared, what should I do? What is wrong?

Symptoms: Symptoms: pressure on head, dizzyness, slight nauseau,

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.No matter what weight you use, doing bench press 100 times need a lot of energy, and it’s evident you ran out of energy by the time it got over. That triggered the dizziness as well as the headache and nausea.You just need to rest for a day, and you should be fine.Hope this was helpful,Regards