I may not have been clear on my leat question

Patient: I may not have been clear on my leat question. i was on depo for a year, i was due for a shot in December 2014 while i didn’t feel i needed chemicals to prevent pregnancy, i felt like it was messing with my bones and i just didn’t feel comfortable taking it. My fiance decided to not use protection at all. January & Febuary was filled with Tampons and Pads, I became pregnant in March 2014, than April 2nd 2014 i found out i was miscarrying naturally. i bled for 5 days like my normal menstral cycle. May 10th i started my first cycle TTC again, i was takingAnswer Opks, as the lines got darker i was tired of comparing lines so i spent money on the Clear Blue digital Opk. I had no peak yet the line started going away. Today is June 15th & no period, no signs of period and negative pregnancy tests. I have heard that lack of PMS means i didn’t ovulate so why did i get dark lines like i was ovulating ? also Note that before i start my period i have sore breast, & light to bad cramping & also when i miscarried it was my first pregnancy. Why haven’t i started my period, why do i have no symptoms of pregnancy or period, why i get negative pregnancy tests & best advice !!!!

Symptoms: Appetite, missed period, bowl movement frequently

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,It is seen that after being on depot for long and then stopping it generally c auses irregular menstrual bleeding which is generally anovulatory for ateast 2-3 months. The next cycle in March was ovulatory and you conceived but had an abortion likely due to progesterone hormone deficiency / imbalance. Progesterone balance also takes 2-3 months to re-establish itself, so ideally you should have waited for 3-4 months before trying to conceive. Nevertheless, at present as you missed your menses by 5 days again in june and your pregnancy test are negative, it is suggested that you do a serum beta hcg test to rule out pregnancy for sure as it is most sensitive than urine pregnancy kits. If negative then pregnancy is ruled out and then you should be waiting for your menses to return naturally by next 2 weeks and if they don’t a progesterone withdrawal can be opted for.It is suggested that you should give yourself a break and stop trying for pregnancy for at least next 3 months to allow menstrual hormones to establish balance and then after that you can use ovulation kits from day 10 onwards to ascertain ovulation and then plan timed intercourse accordingly.Regards