I might be Pregnant

Patient: I had unprotected sex the day of my period but never got my period.i took a generic brand of the plan b pills the next day. but it has been 2 weeks now and i havent got my period. is there a chnce i may be pregnant?

Doctor: I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. There might be a possibility of pregnancy if you had unprotected sex before your Menses due date. Since the day that you were supposed to have your menses they never showed then if you had unprotected sex before that day approximately 2 weeks before if your cycles last 28 days, then a possibility of pregnancy could be present.However, if you did not have unprotected sex before your due date another possibility could be Hormonal Imbalance that might have produced an Irregular Imbalance. Sometimes due to hormonal imbalance caused by changes in diet, stress, anxiety and exercise irregular menstruation or even missed periods could be generated. However the possibility of pregnancy must be ruled out first. I would suggest you to wait to take a Home Pregnancy test to rule out that possibility definitely.