I might be pregnant

Patient: I had been sexually active a day or two brfore getting on depo for my firat time . My periid came onn the 1 off the 7 and i got my shot around the 16th . Day i got my shot my stomach was instantly hard then it got better. I feel sleeply alot and sharp syomach pains . Its been a month since ive been on bc and i havnt got my period yet and about a week ago i started puking . I puke up mosst of the food i do it i can hold it down sometimes. I still have stomach pains now even worse ones than before. My stomach is a little hard im moody and can eat. Ive took pregnancy test they all say neg besides one said postive and one was a dark pink line with a lil pink line ive tpok about five more and they say neg. Today me and my boyfriemd had sex and i bleed a lil light red is that spotting sign of prego or bleeding from sex ?