I missed two weeks of my birth control Trinessa because

Patient: I missed two weeks of my birth control Trinessa because I didn’t know I could get it automatically refilled. I had unprotected sex three times and now I’m about to be on my 7th pill of the new pack. I’m bloated. Nipples a little sore. I’m scared I may be pregnant and not really “know” yet. What are the side effects of missing two weeks of birth control?

Symptoms: Sore nipples, bloated belly, swollen fingers, frequent urination

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Missing birth control pills can lead to withdrawal bleeding , abdominal cramps, irregular menstrual cycles etc.Bloating sensation, sore nipples etc can also be seen as side effects of birth control pills.As you are having history of unprotected intercourse, better to rule out the possibility of pregnancy.So, please go for urine pregnancy test once after three weeks of last unprotected intercourse to rule out the possibility of pregnancy.Take care.

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Patient: Thanks. I have not had any cramps really except on one side and that’s after a bowel movement. Sorry to be abrupt on that. Not due for my menstral cycle as of yet. Back hurts but that always happens as I’m on my feet every day for my job. I have never missed that many birth control pills before. I also went to the ER not too long ago and they said my blood work was fine. Said I had a virus and sent me home. Was off work for two day. Wouldn’t a virus show in blood work? They said my white cell count was ok. Gave me iv fluids because I was dehydrated. I have heard of se women getting diarrhea right after conception. Is that possible?

Patient: Also the bloating gets worse after I eat.