I need a doctor who is maybe good with heads

Patient: Hi. Im a 15yr old give, for the last 3 or 4 nights everytime I wake up to role over I feel like the world is spinning really bad, and today I have a headache is that bad what does it mean?

Symptoms: I feel like the world is spinning really bad when i role over, and I have a headache

Doctor: Most common cause of this kind of giddiness, headache is due to middle ear infection or involvement of inner ear which has body balancing organ. Other causes could be migraine, tension headache, cervical problem, disc degeneration, anxiety, sleep disorders etc.I think you should consult your ENT Spl to first rule out /manage ear involvement. If its because of middle ear infection, can be easily managed conservatively. In case of inner ear involvement quite often managed conservatively with the medicines and certain exercises. If can’t surgical intervention may be required.However, if your problem is not because of ear , you need to consult your physician/neurologist for further evaluation & management.