I need a prescription for desoxyn In have tried every

Patient: I need a prescription for desoxyn. In have tried every other ADHD med out there and nothing works as good. I have ptsd from 2 tours in Iraq. This drug helps me live a normal life. I was prescribed it but the va stopped writing it. Please help

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask the Doctor. Thanks for your query.I have gone through your question in detail and understood your concerns.Please find my observations below:> Let me inform you that ASK THE DOCTOR is an online platform which helps the users get their medical questions answered.> We do not give any online prescriptions. Also the prescriptions issued via online will not be valid.> I hope you will understand this. I sincerely request you to get that medicine prescribed for you by seeing your PCP or any Neurophysician near you.Wish you good health.Take care.

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Patient: That was the point. Can you recommend a good dr

Doctor: Hi.
Thanks for understanding and writing back to us.
– But again I am so sorry, we can not recommend any Doctors here as it will be violating our policy rules.
– You can search online for the good Neurophysicians near you and you can contact them.
– We are so sorry but we are bounded. I hope you understand this.
Best wishes dear.