I need advice about what i should do

Patient: My name is James and im 17 years of age i weight 165 pounds , ive been working out for a long time now , almost a year and i know that my work outs are real good, ive had them looked at my trainers, im gotten advice from trainers and ive even talked to my coach in weight lifting class, and ive done my own research like men’s health and muscle fitness,etc. and my question is there any advice you can give me, i should be able to bench over 135 times but 145 is my 1 rep max and i cant even bench 135 normal sets yet, i can go up about 4 times and that’s it and its more of a struggle and i don’t understand it, im 17 as i go through puberty i should become naturally stronger and where is that strength plus the strength im trying to put on, so i don’t know what to think anymore ­čÖü