I need advice on whether I could be pregnant or not?

Patient: Ok here goes, this may seem rather silly and its more of an outcry more than anything, I’m not as of yet late for my next cycle but I have been showing symptoms of what google has brought many descriptions up to be called implantation bleeding ive been so tired and have been feeling nauseated the problem is Ive been trying for what seems like a lifetime to get pregnant and I terrified to take another test because I cant face the possibility of yet another negative test, I really have tried not to get my hopes up ive tried working harder so that I don’t think about it but I just can’t switch of the fact that a baby is what I want most in the world and its really starting to take a toll on me mentally my question is merely this with the symptom’s I have so far like tiredness mild spotting dizziness more often feeling nauseated and slight cramping im due my next period in four days is it worth taking a test. sorry for the ridiculously long message I just need to say how I felt to someone even if it is an automated response service.

Symptoms: Fatigue, Dizziness although mild, spotting which began as pink but then changed to brown, nausea, bloated stomach and cramping

Doctor: Hello,I understand you state of mind presently and it seems you have been trying ardently for a conception. Keeping i n mind that your next periods are due in next 4 days and presuming that you have been sexually active in this cycle without ant contraception usage , the likelihood that the discharge ( pink to brown) , mild cramps , nausea may indicate towards an implantation bleed and the symptoms caould be attributed to raised hcg levels provided there has been a late conception.However , the best way to ascertain the result presently would be to undergo a serum beta hcg test in the laboratory which if detected to have raised levels of hcg, it confirms pregnancy and the bleed to be implantation bleed. BUt if the test is negative , then these symptoms are premenstrual or PMS which mimic that of early pregnancy but indicate that menses are to ensue in next few days.So , you may either get a hcg test done or decide to wait for missing your periods and perform a home urine pregnancy test after 7 days , or if the menses start as expected , then you may try to concieve in the next cycle in a more planned manner by timing your ovulation with the help of ovulation kits.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards