I need advise on my below semen analysis report

Patient: Hello Doctor,I need advise on my below semen analysis report and doctor prescribed to use Evion LC tabs for 30 days (daily twice morning and night).Please explain me in detail what needs to be improve in report.MacroscopicVolume: 2.0 mlColour: Greyish WhiteReaction/pH: Alkaline (8.0)Viscocity: ViscidLiquefaction time: 30 MinutesMicroscopic:Sprem Count: 50 Millions/mlAgglutination: PresentMotility:Progressive Motility: 30%Non Progressive Motility: 10%Non Motility: 60%Morphology:Normal forms: 80%Abnormal forms: 20%Other findingsPus Cells: 4-5/HPFEpithelial Cells: OCC/HPFRBC: NilBiochemical Analysis (Qualitative)Impression: NormospermiaThank you

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Microscopic as well as the macroscopic analysis of the semen analysis shows that it is normal . The doctor prescribed vitamin E supplements in order to reduce the oxidative stress which may reduce the ROS levels in the body & provide a good micro-environment for the gametogenesis to take place which in turn can improve the fertilisation potential of the spermatozoa which ultimately is the one to improve the chances of a successful fertilisation leading to a conception. Infertility is a couples problem therefore it is also important to simultaneously evaluate both the partners to increase the chances of a conception.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.