I need an opinion on my possible pregnancy

Patient: I had sex with a guy while I wasn’t on birth control. The first time we did it in the night he wore a condom but it broke. He pulled out as he was ejaculating but some of it got fairly deep inside of me. The second time we did it that night he didn’t even wear a condom but pulled out before he ejaculated. That day, about 15 hours after having unprotected sex, I went to the pharmacy and took the plan b pill (NextChoice). The pharmacist said that I was right on the cusp of the pill working for me, I might be too heavy and it would have no effect on me (I weigh approximately 175 lbs). Two days later, I discovered the broken piece of the condom inside of me, full of semen. In total it had been inside of me for three days. So, I took the pill that might not have even worked, and even so his semen was still inside of me afterwards. I’m really nervous that I might be pregnant. What do you think?

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