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Patient: Pregnancy question? I’m 16 and I just ended my period a couple days ago. My period can sometimes be irregular. Me and my boyfriend had sex?But he didn’t go really deep because we didn’t have a condom. He didn’t precum inside of me and he didnt *** inside of me. Can you still get pregnant if you ARENT ovulating? And is it true that if precum comes out of his penis, and is still present on his penis when he puts it inside of me can I get pregnant? He barely went deep inside of me.. I’m just wondering if it is possible for me to get pregnant if I just finished my period a couple days ago.

Symptoms: Nothing.

Doctor: Hello,If you have just got over with your periods a few days ago, then it is all likelihood that you were in your safe period when you had intercourse with your partner which ensures that you haven’t ovulated and in the absence of ovulation even if there is an ejaculate there cannot be any fertilization to an embryo and hence pregnancy is naturally prevented.Your concern about the pre-cum is fairly right as it also has sperms in it with lesser concentration and more of prostatic fluid, but still it ma cause pregnancy if you would have been in your fertile period and I would have suggested an emergency contraception then. You must understand that a sperm can remain alive inside vagina for 72 hrs so, if it meets an ovum in that time it fertilizes it and causes pregnancy.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards