October 18, 2018

I need have good sex drive

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Patient: I am a man 56 years old when i have sex when my wife i’m coming really fast what i can do[i take Cialis 20 mg its help but i’m still coming fast]and i look at the website i so Cialis Professional 20 mg ? [i have blood pressure debit cholesterol ]when i taking the Cialis 20 mg no side effect

Doctor: Cialis has no major side effects. However, that alone, at that dosage may not be sufficient. There are whole lot of cogn itive behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy techniques are available. The sex therapy developed by master and Johnson has sensate focus exercises, squeeze techniques, stop-start techniques etc., etc., which a professional sexologist can train you. In addition to Cialis, other antidepressants also can be tried. Rather than self medication, better you meet the family doctor & get the advice.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

Dr. Jimmy Obaji completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He currently operates a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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