I need help about a medical issue iam worried

Patient: Hi, actually first I would like to thank all doctors for such a helpful rule they are doing in here secondly I have a medical issue concern my husband he is 32 yrs and thank God he has a good health but he is suffering for sometime from a heat in his feet he used to feel that his feet is too hot but when I feel it it is not that hot he saying about but when he have this heat used to be tired and will sleep all time cos of this symptoms and we don’t know what exactly should do about it cos it affect his job he can’t work cos he is programmer and can’t think while he is feeling this I will appreciate your caring And thank you for your rule are doing

Symptoms: Heat in feet

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query for your husband.Your husband is feeling that his feet are hot but for your palpation, t hey are not, will be feeling tired, sleep all the time and affects his job.The commonest reason for such an occurrence is neurological affection.I would advise you the following:- Get his blood sugar and thyroid function done immediately.- Get an appointment for a Neurologist for clinical evaluation, physical examination and investigations.-Proper treatment will change the scenario, he will get better and start concentrating on his work.-Mental Support by you will help him recover pretty fast.I hope this answer helps you.And thanks for the appreciation.