I need help in figuring out if I have a STD or not?

Patient: I had unprotected and protected sex two days ago. Not even a few hours later, my balls began to feel as if they were warmer. Just a warm sensation, no pain. After two days, the warm sensation went away and now I have a itch feeling in my inner thighs, pubic area, and some parts of my scrotum. I do not feel like scratching at all, it just feels like I need to. There is not pain when I pee and I do not have any discharge. Its almost three days since I had sex and noticed one small pump on my balls. Beside that bump, I have no other rashes, it just looks normal. I am totally lost in what I may have. If its a STD or not. I am going to get tested. I just want to my mind at ease while I wait for the results. Thank you.EDIT:Day 3: the burning has gone away, the bump is no loner there. Just a little itchy but seems normal now. However; what did I have?

Symptoms: Burning and Itching Feel Just Hours After Having Sex. No Discharge. No Pain When I Urinate.

Doctor: Hello,The bump over the thighs which you experienced after an unprotected sexual encounter , which turned out to be i tchy and sore and hours after having sex is most likely to be transmitted during the sexual encounter and possibly be a fungal infection as the bump is singular and itchy. However as you have been awaiting results for the culture and the blood tests , the final diagnosis can be ascertained after the lab diagnosis. It is likely that the partner may be suffering from a likely vaginal infection which she happened to transfer it to you, possibly and STD.I hope i have answered your query,regards