I need help please im very sick

Patient: Im dehydrated and cant keep anything down and i have a tingling sensation in my legs i need advice

Symptoms: Vomiting tingling

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Dehydration with episodes of vomiting is an emergency. It needs to be treated with lots of fluid and in fact giving the same intravenous will be ideal.Kindly see a doctor at the earliest and get IV hydration. The lost fluids have to be replenished, the doctor will wish to examine you and run a few urine, blood and stool tests. Infection of the gut, gastritis, stress related causes need to be ruled out. You may require a course of antiemetics and antibiotics as well depending on the reports. An ultrasound of the abdomen may also be needed. Till then keep sipping on water and trying to have a soft diet, do not try to have heavy meals, light meals in a small amount and increased frequency will help you.Regards