I need help to get better relation with my wife.

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am married since three years but I have not been able to have sexual intercourse correctly with my wife. Nowadays, I am not able to have sex with her and its very frustrating. I am seeing a doctor and he is doing acupuncture with me to make me better. My main issue is I am not able to get a proper erection and not being able to ejaculate when inside.Please, I would be very grateful to you if you could advise me what to do so that I get better sexual appetite. I will send you my sperm test tomorrow. Thanks for understanding and i’ll be waiting for an answer from you soon.ShakI want my wife to get pregnant soon.

Symptoms: Erectile Dysfunction, Retarded Ejaculation

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Many men face the problem of premature ejaculation and lack of erection as well. You are not the only one facing it. Do not worry there is always a remedy for it. Note that before expect a good physical relationship with your wife, you should have a good emotional bonding as well. Some people take a lot of time before they get comfortable with their partners, explain this to your wife so that she co-operates with you during every intercourse so that you get better by the day.Remember to involve in a lot of foreplay before trying the actual penetration, as it helps in holding on erection for longer. Also, quit smoking and alcohol.Avoid tea, coffee and caffeine-containing medications. Do not get stressed up during attempting an intercourse, stay at ease and make sure you are not having any external disturbances. If possible go on a vacation with your wife, where you will be at ease and away from daily routine work. These things matter a lot. Also consult an andrologist to get yourself examined, blood tests, urine, hormone tests and even blood sugars and blood pressure need to be checked. Sperm count has nothing to do with an erection and ejaculation.Consider couple counselling for best results with your doctorHope this helpedRegards