I need help with a diagnosis I’m 24 year old

Patient: I need help with a diagnosis. I’m 24 year old fairly healthy mom and wife. I’ve seen many doctors and hospitalizedand no one has answers. I’ve had an mri three times a ct scan twice blood tests. It started in my legs. They buzz my tours and bottom of my feet up the back of my calves feel like They are asleep. After a few days of these symptoms it spread to my arms the numbness and sleep feeling and weakness more so in my palms and fingertips. Then my right arm has a tremor. It has reached my face and lips are tingly. Veins are showing up all over my body. They pulled fluid from my csf and said it was normal. High elevated white blood cells. A few other elevated things i can’t read on the lab report. It has now stabilized and i don’t feel like it’s getting worse. Some parts of the day and even done days are better than others. My neck hurts and back and it feels like concrete is running through my veins. I feel like I’m a little slower to react with the speed of my brain. St times my speech is a little off. My blood feels like it’s boiling. My joints pop constantly. i don’t know when i have to use the bathroom until i feel the pressure in the area. my palms ate purple and blue from veins and my face looks like veins busting everywhere like an animated vampire. My grasp is off due to the sleep feeling in my hands. My balance is off. My knees have given it afew times. I feel like I’m on a boat all of the time. I’ve had no appetite and i feel like it’s harder to breathe like i need a deep deep breath to be able to get any oxygen. My hips knees and ankles mainly right side ache. Putting pressure on my feet and palms make the pins and needles worse. I feel like I’m a little delayed in reactions to a lot of things. These things are constant. There is no position our thing that makes it better. Two months I’ve been dealing with this. Please help.