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I need my MRI results to be looked at, do

Patient: I need my MRI results to be looked at, do i have MS is it possible?



Symptoms: Dizziness for months



I need my MRI results to be...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern and have reviewed the MRI reports.The hypo plastic segment is a common congenital variant, and also the hyper intensities can be incidental findings.As of now the MRI is not suggestive of MS in anyway.What are your symptoms? Apart from the dizziness? Did you get a full blood count, RBS, as well as your RFT and LFT levels checked. Please follow up with all the blood work which will help us understand the situation better.Feel free to discuss further.

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Patient: HI, thank you for following up with me. All blood work has come back normal, I have been tested for everything, thyroid, etc. Blood pressure normal. ENT doctor said I do not have veritgo, but maybe its early stages of MS – he cant diagnose that. I googled hyper insten. and it worried me. I do not do drugs, or smoke, or drink coffee/caffiene. I barely drink. Ive been tested for everything and all of my tests have come back normal. This dizziness started once I quit smoking. I have blur vision, but I also needed glasses, and I have a prescription. I am in good health. Could this lead to MS – the small hyperintensites? I am so worried.

Doctor: Hello,
The hyperintensities are around the frontal bone, which can be present and are normal variants.
As of now, there is nothing suggestive of MS.
Hyperintensities around the white matter, or the ganglio capsular region, is what we should worry about.
Please do not worry, there is nothing sinister in your reports.


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