I need to know if i could be pregnant

Patient: Okay, so ling story: Had sex on the 28 of feb, he took the condom off at one point so i could perform oral sex, he hadnt came yet, he put the same one on, the same way. started intercourse again, he came, he took that condom off put another on. I took plan B just to be sure 48 hours later, however im still freaking out. I had light bleeding for about 3-4 days, but i usually dont get my periods so i dont know when to expect my next one. My breasts arent tender, nor discolored, I’ve been snappy the past two days. and about two days ago once and today, when i would pee, and wipe, there would be VERY LITTLE light blood. could i be pregnant? Ive even taken pregnancy quizzes (stupid i know) but they all say im probably not.

Symptoms: Light bleeding, tired