I never have periods except once per year

Patient: I am 21 years old, and have been on the birth control pill junel (24 day) for 5 years. I never have periods except MAYBE once a year, and recently I have been experiencing bloating and my left breast is sore. Is this maybe my body telling me I need to have a period? I cant even remember the last time i bled even a little. My doctor has told me its fine that I have no periods, but I still worry at times like these. I don’t think I could be pregnant, because I take it consistently and use protection. Plus doesnt not having periods make it a little harder for my body to get pregnant anyways?

Symptoms: Bloating, sore breast, no periods

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Extended and continuous combined oral contraceptive pills are available for women wanting to use them for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy & to lessen menstrual symptoms. The side effects of these medications depend on the progestin type that is used. It is actually up to the providers to understand the physiology, dosing, side effects and benefit of this form of oral contraceptives. Other large scale studies are required to know the effects on long term usage.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.