I noticed earlier tonight that the top part of my

Patient: I noticed earlier tonight that the top part of my hip had went numb to where if I scratched it, I couldn’t feel it. And this has never happened before. Earlier today I was at softball practice and got hit directly on the middle of my spine while running back to the base. What happened? Is it something i need to worry about? If so, what should I do?

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Such numbness usually occurs due to nerve compression that can result from Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc Compression. If that was transient you can ignore that but if that is persistent you should get MRI lumbo-sacral spine done. Also you should get Serum Calcium and Vitamin D3 levels, ESR, CRP, Rheumatoid factor.For Acute pain i advise to take a combination of Pregabalin and Methylcobalamine and to do hot fomentation of the affected area.You can also apply Diclofenac ointment locally and get physiotherapy done particularly Ultrasonic heat massage. But if the compression is very severe, causing motor weakness , tingling on any side of the body then surgical intervention would be required.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy