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I noticed these bumps on the right base of my

Patient: I noticed these bumps on the right base of my tongue three days ago. They aren’t hurting, but they are tender and swollen and red. What is going on? I’ve already ordered a suite of STD tests and am waiting to hear back. I do not have a sore throat nor do I see these bumps anywhere else.



Symptoms: Right site of base of tongue bumps.



I noticed these bumps on th...-1

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query and the clear picture.Noted the history of bumps on the right side of the base of the t ongue 3 days ago, tender, swollen and red, ordered STD – no sore throat.The commonest causes for such bumps are:-Granuloma-Aphthoid-Tongue biteSince the history is of short duration of 3 days and there is redness and tenderness an inflammatory lesion can be suspected.I would advise a course of an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicine for 5-7 days and see the results.Please give feedback related to the response to treatment, reports of STD tests, whether the neck has lymph nodes on the same side in the upper parts.Hope this helps,Regards

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Patient: Hi again,
The STD tests came back all negative.
The bumps are still there and there are not white, but pale, splotches on the back of my throat. Again, no sore throat, but the bumps are annoying and the splotches are hard to notice unless I look hard, but are clearly not supposed to be there. I’ve been taking anti-inflammatory medicine regularly – twice a day.

Doctor: It’s a good news that STDs are negative.
Please post fresh photos of the tongue lesion and throat.
Also mention if you have any symptoms and status of lymph nodes.
Have you consulted any Doctor or specialist?


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