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I really want a cat but suffer with allergies Is

Patient: I really want a cat but suffer with allergies. Is there any way I can live with one and control the allergy



Doctor: Hello,I understand your concern.Allergies are something that has no treatment, and if you are known allergic to cats , unfortunately, when you come in close contact with the cat fur, you are definitely going to have allergies.You can take prophylactic medicines like Loratidine and see how bad the allergies get, and then take a decision.Feel free to discuss further,



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Patient: I have already been around a cat and had itchy eyes and sneezing. Would that be the worst it would get or does the allergy get better/worse over time? I also wonder if the sheer volume of cats in the breeders house worsened my allergy. I just want one cat and I could clean it regularly and my house too.

Doctor: No the thing is if you are allergic to cat fur, then you are likely to stay that way.
No matter how clean the house is, you will still be allergic.
You can try a course of Tab. Levocetirizine 5 mg once daily at bed time for a week, and see if the allergy reduces.


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