I recently got back with an ex-boyfriend I gave

Patient: I recently got back with an ex-boyfriend. I gave him oral sex on two different occasions. A couple of days after the 2nd time, he told me he has white dots on his penis head and shaft that are peeling and itchy. He says he’s only been with me this past year. I had a one night stand in December and I got an itchy crotch. I used over the counter anti-fungal cream then prescribed anti-fungal cream. It was bacteria. That took 5 weeks to clear. Then I got a boyfriend from January-March and he never complained about itching, spots, pimples, rashes, soreness…nothing. On current boyfriend, the only thing I can think is that on the first encounter, I gave him oral and rimmed him. Im thinking that bacteria grew into yeast and by the 2nd encounter, I transferred that yeast onto his penis? Is this possible?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.The white dots are indicativ e of fungal infection, and you may apply Clotrimazole ointment, and it will subside. Yeast infection can occur irrespective of any sexual exposure.But it will subside on applying the clotrimazole ointment.Hope this was helpful,Regards