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Patient: I recently had a boil on my inner thigh, they are a common occurrence and I know how to treat them. After the boil cleared up, I noticed a line of small bumps on my groin, approximately 1 – 1 /2 inches in length. I assumed it was irritation from the itching caused by the boil. The bumps have not cleared. I tried treating with itch cream with no results. They don’t itch, but are hard to the touch and a little red in some spots, possibly due to friction from clotting. The closest description I could give is wart like, but I don’t think it’s warts. No recent sexual activity, good hygiene.

Symptoms: No other symptoms than the bumps

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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.From the images, it looks like warts, and definitely the HPV infection needs to be ruled out.Even if acquired in the past, HPV can be completely asymptomatic, and present months or years later.This does not look like a typical eczema or itch reaction.So, kindly get it ruled out and meanwhile you can take Tab. Claritin ( Loratidine ), to control the itching since itch cream did not help.You can also mention your sexual history in detail and let me know if there have been any possible exposure to HPV infection before.Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: This is more embarrassing than the problem, but I have never had any sexual contact with anyone, so I have no sexual history. This is difficult to discuss with my doctor because of a sense of judgment from them, but anyway, thats the case. Today, I noticed what appears to be the same thing occurring on my glans but I am not sure yet.

Doctor: Please do not be embarrassed.
It is a good thing because that rules out HPV infection.
This could be a type of lichen simplex and I will advise you to get it examined by a detmatologist. It is an autoimmune condition, kindly confirm it as it can be confirmed only on physical examination.

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