I recently had a gymnastics class that involved a lot

Patient: I recently had a gymnastics class that involved a lot of no handed skills and things that require a lot of whipping myself backwards that I did without stretching. I usually stretch. We did about 5 standing backflips in a row with out stopping as a warm up without stretching. I threw my head back a lot and I think I might have pulled a muscle in my stomach or chest. My mom thinks that it could be muscle spasms because it feels like a sharp pain but the pain is not that bad. I usually complain about stomach problems after my tumbling classes, but this is definitely the worst its been. I have also been having a LOT of dairy and my mom also said

Symptoms: Chest pains and muscle pains (possibly muscle spasms)

Doctor: Thank you for writing to usI believe that you have a muscle injury or a muscle spasm. The treatment in these cases i s by:RICERest the muscle. You may want to stop gymnastics for a few daysIce the affected area for 15 mins every hour and keeping it off ice for 45 minsCompress the area or massage the areaElevate the area and try sleep on your back to help the blood to flow back to the heartIf you are not better in 3 days, please see a Doctor. All the best.Hope this helps you