I recently had protected sex brief oral and vaginal with

Patient: I recently had protected sex brief oral and vaginal with a stripper. I’ve red that I unlikely acquired anything. Should I worry over this incident? Am I at risk for stds? I will likely be tested in 3 months for peace of mind. In the meantime is it safe to have sex with my wife?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If the sex with the stripper was protected then there are least chances of transmission of any STDs even if she would have been infected unless any vaginal or her oral fluids would have got inside the condom during rupture or have touched any abraded areas over your genitals.If this possibility has been ruled out then you are safe.I hope i have answered your query,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards

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Patient: The condom remained intake during the encounter and I removed it after.. I also have no cuts etc.. Does this match your criteria for a safe encounter? Thanks. Also is it ok given this to continue intercourse with my wife before testing. Thanks again

Doctor: yes, you are safe in that case and you can have intercourse with your wife.