I recently had unprotected sex and then she cut me

Patient: I recently had unprotected sex and then she cut me out of her life, she’s had abortions before not with me and a couple years ago, she has been taking birth control pills for over a year and i came twice in her , i am still very worried about it that she may be pregnant but i have no way of knowing if she wont talk to me or contact me when i ask. She had been taking the pills everyday for that year and still has been i would assume. Please help calm me down and do i have a legal right to know if she is pregnant or not? P.S i’m 17

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are chances of pregnancy as you have had an unprotected intercourse. Although y our partner was on pills, it is a known fact that no contraception is hundred percent effective and always have a chance of pregnancy.However, you can try talking to her and ask her regarding the same rather than assuming things and feeling anxious. You do not have any legal rights to find out about her pregnancy as you have not been married to her.Hope this was helpful.Regards