I recently noticed one breast (the left one) is flabbier

Patient: I recently noticed one breast (the left one) is flabbier than the right one. It jiggles when I go up / down stairs and the other does not. Is this something to be concerned about?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I was wondering as for the gender written as male of the age group of 19-25 having such a problem of left breast being flabbier than the right and giggling on going up and down the stairs.There I would advise you to consult a General Surgeon for clinical evaluation, examination and surgery if required.If you are asking for someone who is a female person, there is nothing much to worry as there can be a bit varied response to the hormones. and the one which is flabby is normal but the right one may be firmer due to fibrocystic disease.Get examined, mammogram and relevant tests done and be assured that there is no serious problems.I hope this answers your query.