I’m pain on urination and other symptoms

Patient: Hi i have been having urinary problems for a little under a week now. Between 3 and 5 times a day i find that i am unable to empty my urethra and i have a burning/stinging sensation when i urinate, shortly after which i either need to go again to empty the rest or i get a tingly feeling in my penis. i have not had unprotected sex at all recently and have checked myself thoroughly for any masses. i have no blood in my urine or semen. these symptoms come and go throughout the day

Symptoms: Urinary pain, retention, tingly penis

Doctor: The Urinary Tract may get infected by microorganism and may cause similar symptoms. A physician consultation is necessar y and urine tests may be ordered by your doctor. Medications may be prescribed by your doctor to relieve your discomfort while the result of the tests are awaited.