I saw my urologist last week and did a cystoscopy

Patient: I saw my urologist last week and did a cystoscopy and took a tissue sample from an “inflamed patch” that got sent for tests. On the report i read on my patient portal she wrote “bladder lesion”. Of course I googled it and haven’t been able to sleep all weekend. We get test results next week but are all bladder lesions cancer?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for writing in.Lesion is a word for any abnormal area. It can be an infection, inflammation, benign ar ea or malignancy. Therefore an inflammed patch in the bladder is being referred to as a lesion by your doctor and through biopsy, it can be known if the lesion is containing cells typical of inflammation or any benign or malignant cells.Please be assured that all lesions are not cancer and even a small inflammation or focal infection of the bladder wall can occur.Let us hope that your results are good and you get completely cured.Hope your query is answered.Please do write back if you have any doubts.Regards,